Hey guys so I have changed the blog name

I’m growing here and turning into a real life adult (or trying to i guess – but i still drink bourbon and hide behind trees)

which is why there are ch-ch-ch-changes – ‘turn and face the change’… or something along that song line!

So as I am Kate The Cake Philosopher to those that know me well, that is how its going to be k?

let me know what you think – i love your feedback and comments

I hide behind trees – no biggie


Giveaway Winners Announced!

I have two goodie bags to give away, inside them are the following:

♥  Awesome Marks and Spencer’s tea towel with fun patterns

♥  Cupcake birthday candles

♥  Cupcake stickers

♥  Fun note cards

♥  Fun note pads

♥  Dr. Oetker cupcake cases

♥  Dr. Oetker sprinkles

♥  All together in a cupcake gift bag

Inside the Goodie Bag

All you had to do was comment on the blog to earn one entry and there were possible other entries!

To pick a winner I used and here are the two results

Winner #1

Winner #2

And so these winners are Sue Holmes and Michelle Diamond!

Please email me at to claim your prize!

  • If there is no response within 48 hours another winner will be picked
  • This giveaway is hosted on behalf of prize sponsor Philosophy and Cupcakes who will deliver the prize(s) following confirmation of winners’ contact details
  • The prize sponsor’s decision is final and binding on entrants; no further correspondence will be entered into
  • There is no cash or alternative to the prize stated
  • The prize is selected in good faith, however the prize sponsor may substitute with one similar value/type if original one is unavailable
  • Winners are picked by using
  • Failure to claim prizes within 2 days will result in a replacement winner being chosen.

Chocolate Bark

Mission:  You have 1 hour to prepare for seeing a friend on a various special occasion and you have yet to shower, or buy present.

What do you do? 

Pick up a Crappy bottle of wine and limp bunch of flowers on the way? LAME

Apologize for forgetting and feel crappy? LAME

NO! – Problem solved – make some chocolate bark  AWESOME!

Everyone will normally have some left over holiday chocolate [no matter what time of year] – maybe a broken Santa or a bar of chocolate you were saving for Easter/mothers day/when no-one was looking – for me it is always chocolate coins and flavored bars.  They seem to multiply in the cupboard like Lindt Bunnies

Honestly if you are ever in a rush this is so simple to make and the longest part is the cooling time (which is clearly the time that it takes you to shower, dress and put on lippy / change your outfit 40 times to return to the first option – we have all been there!) 

Now how yummy does that look? 

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To Sprinkle or not to Sprinkle – that is the question!

For a while now I have been baking and blogging and part of that is my addiction to blog surfing and facebook page surfing.  From my many (many, many,) hours of ‘research’ I have one looming question: “What Matters Most – Taste or Presentation?” 

For me the question has a definite answer – Taste every time – but from my research of testing recipes on friends, family, colleagues and innocent bystanders it seems that the more elaborate the decorations, and the more frills a cake (and most definitely a cupcake) has adoring it, the less people enjoy it. 

The research I have done shows that when presented with a choice, 9/10 people choose the swirly butter cream topped cupcake over the fondant topped one.  Also that given a choice of plain, simple decoration of a layered cake with a mere (while extremely thick) butter cream coating, or a cake covered in fondant with sugar paste decorations and glitter and sparkles galore – the choice was again clear in favor of simplicity.  [It should also be noted that those who did choose the fondant covered cakes were also likely to say such things as “it looks too pretty to eat” or for the more elaborate designs “there doesn’t look like much cake in there!” (this was in reference to cakes made in a ‘scene’)]

The second part of this question would be the age old question that frightens all new cupcake bakers – to Sprinkle or not to Sprinkle?  Personally there is nothing that ruins a gorgeous creamy, butter cream topped cupcake, with wonderful fluffy sponge, than a hard and crunchy topping that tastes a little like the accidental chewing of the toy inside a kinder egg (of course only a fool would do such a thing when biting scrummy chocolate eggs – but it happens to the best of us!) 

So I pose the question to you blog world, Taste or Presentation?

Would you rather be presented on your birthday with a gorgeous looking, fabulously decorated, elaborate designed cake/cupcakes, OR would you rather something that looked a little ‘homey’ and yet tasted like an explosion of flavors working together to make your taste buds tingle with delight? 

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