Summer Nights …. had me a blast

Lets talk about the English summer.

There are rainy days and sunny days and I don’t want to move from the sofa days.

There are dance around a field in your bare feet days and best of all there are long days!  Stretching into the late night days.  This is what summer loving is about – forget the boy and whether he has a car or if he showed off splashing around, Sandy didn’t know squat.

Summer loving is about long summer days filled with cocktails and bbqs, salads, macaroons, food and fruit.  These are my top favourite things about summer that have nothing to do with boys or sun – because here in the UK we can’t count on summer days filled with sun so count on friends filled with love!

Cocktails in a tea pot!

So this summer ….

Laugh more.

See the good in people.

Give yourself a chance to catch up with your plans.

Stand Tall.  Confidence and a good night’s sleep are a girl’s best friend.

Love with all of your heart.

And no matter the problem … dance it out.


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