Blogger Award

This post is long overdue! I was given this award quite some time ago now and feel really guilty I haven’t gotten around to responding!  It has just been a very hectic few months here at Philosophy and Cupcakes Head Quarters, many deadlines with my masters degree and moving (again!)
I received the Versatile Blogger and Sunshine Award by the fantastic Nicola from Nom! A previous guest blogger on this blog and a blogger of many tasty treats, a truly fantastic blog. And her round ups of her recent baking purchases inspire a certain green eyed monster!

The rules for both the awards are :
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this Award and link them back.
2. Say some 5 random facts about you.
3. Spread the joy by nominating other bloggers.
4. Convey the blogger about the nomination.




So here are 5 random facts about me:

  1. I have an unhealthy obsession with Grey’s Anatomy
  2. I only eat salted popcorn which is best served with minstrels for the salty sweet combo!
  3. When I was younger I won awards for dancing which looking back were really lame and I ironically have two left feet now!
  4. I love baking cupcakes but rarely bother to decorate them properly and normally end up doing what I like to call the blob and sweep method! Its far quicker than piping!
  5. While my blog is happy shiny rainbow unicorns and full of cakey goodness my MA thesis is on the topic of death – two things you wouldn’t normally put together

The people I’m giving these awards to are:

Hungry Squirrel Cakes

Homemade By Fleur

Bakeaholic Mama

Cake Crumbs and Cooking

Pint Sized Baker
These are fantastic bakers and bloggers so please go and take a look

And a massive thank you to Nicola for nominating me



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