Jubilee Cake Pops {Guest post}

Today on Philosophy and Cupcakes we have a very special guest post from Nikki over at Nom.  I found her blog a year or so ago and loved reading her baking buys posts as it brings out my nosy side, and seeing her original ideas spring to life out of the page.  Her Blog is wicked and she makes brilliant cakes like this and this and has a very original flair.  I am very excited to hand over today to her so she can share with us her cute cakes.  I recommend you go check out her blog and see what else she has been up to recently!   

 …. over to you Nikki ….

Hiya, I’m Nikki from Nom! A blog full of indulgence; butter, and a minor shopping obsession. I’m really excited to be guest posting for Philosophy and Cupcakes, I love her blogging style so am really happy to be a part of it!

2012 is turning out to be an eventful year for England with the Olympics and the Jubilee coming up; being patriotic has become quite the trend. I have to admit I love it, my obsession began with the royal wedding last year and having another reason this year to whip out my royal cake stands is almost too much to bear.

I’m a bit rubbish with planning and always end up posting about events after they’ve happened so I thought doing this guest post was a great excuse to bake something early to hopefully inspire others to get baking for the Jubilee!

Cake pops Jubilee stlye

One type of treat in particular I have become quite obsessed with making are cake pops. I’ve tried to become more adventurous over the last few months with my pops so I thought with the Jubilee coming up, and everywhere you look the theme is ‘Royal’ I thought this would be a great style to carry through for some very royal cake pops.

Cake pops Jubilee style

The cake itself is Victoria sponge mixed with butter cream and then flavoured with tutti-frutti flavouring I bought in Norway a month ago.  I suppose strawberries or something else typically British would have been a better flavour…but I can’t help myself – I wanted an odd combination!

As some of you may know, I don’t believe in using Candy Melts; they’re expensive and I find cake covering does a brilliant job – and it’s chocolate, nom! I bought petit fours cases in my local garden centre today and I thought the red with white polka-dots would look really cute. I’ve never done cake pops stood in cases before so I thought I’d give it a go and I think they turned out really well!

Cake pops jubilee stlye

For the decoration I used a tub of sprinkles that again, was bought in Norway. They love their patriotism too and have some great baking items in the aisles and I knew this would come in handy. I did a few of the cake pops covered each in red, white and blue. These colours would also work well for 4th July celebrations too so they’re quite versatile.

Cake pops jubilee style

For a real royal look I covered a few of the pops in gold and red cake glitter, even the Duchess of Cambridge couldn’t resist these cute treats!

I also love my piping, so I had to add a little straight piping in red icing.

Cake pops jubilee style

To really make them fit for the Queen I finished a few with Union Jack cake flags and placed them on one of my cardboard royal cake stands.

Cake pops jubilee style

Cake pops are brilliant to make and you can do them in so many ways I would encourage everyone to have a go. Whether you’re having a street part, tea party or even just spending the long weekend at home, these Jubilee cake pops will be a great addition to any day!


I would like to thank Nikki for sharing her brilliant cake pops and I can’t wait to try these out myself!  My favorite is the red glitter covered pop, it reminds me of Dorothy’s shoes in the Wizard of Oz! 

What are you baking for the Jubilee?  I can recommend these! 


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