I Have Been Condemned {reasons for cookies}

I am not a bad person.

At least I really try not to be.

I recycle.  I pay taxes.  I don’t park in disabled parking spaces.

I do not belittle the beliefs of others.

I try to be kind and loving to all that I meet.

I resist urges to tell people what I think they need to hear, or tell them how horrible I think they have been.

Yet all of this has apparently gone unnoticed by ‘him’ upstairs.

It isn’t often I am approached by total strangers.  When I do I try to be courteous even if I am in a rush and they are looking for donations.

On this occasion I was not in a rush.  I was idly strolling through the street on my way to my favorite deli to pick up some scrummy bread and cheese for that days lunch.  Suddenly a man appears.

“Do you believe?” he announces in more of a statement than a question

That was the moment.  Then.  I should have pretended I didn’t hear, carried on walking, ignored him and passed the moment by.  But I didn’t.  I replied.

“Sorry” I remark, a little bothered that this man has disrupted my daydream of fluffy clouds and the wondrous sights of Gloucester road I love so much, “what do you mean?”

Apparently this was all the ammunition he needed.

“YOU’RE GOING TO HELL” he proclaimed.

“I beg your pardon?” I retorted completely taken a-back, startled that this man, whom I had never met, had declared my fate for me in four simple words.

“YOU’RE GOING TO HELL FOR YOUR SINS” he repeated.  “you are a sinner and god does not take well to sinners” was his final remark before he moved on to stranger-bash the next person.

Needless to say I was stunned.  A complete stranger had condemned me.  Apparently his direct line to God was so strong that it allowed him to pick out of a crowd those who had sinned and those who were damned.

I’m not saying I don’t believe.  I’m not saying that those who do shouldn’t spread the joy.  I am just saying that on a Saturday afternoon when I am enjoying a day all by myself in one of my favorite places I would prefer it if you kept your damnations to yourself.  It kind of ruined my afternoon.

On another, lighter, note I made cookie-pops.  They were tasty and work well for parties and giving as gifts!

Oreo Cookie Pop

Just take a double stuffed oreo

Microwave it for 10 seconds

Insert a lolly-pop stick dipped in melted chocolate

Refrigerate for 10 minutes then dip the oreo lolly in chocolate.

Oreo Cookie Pop

Place in the fridge or freezer for 30/10 minutes respectively and enjoy!

I love taking these to parties.  Also add fun themed sprinkles just after dipping in chocolate! Yum-tastic!

and only a little bit of a sin!

Thank you Mommy’s Kitchen for this great idea and many others


5 thoughts on “I Have Been Condemned {reasons for cookies}

    • They really are great and I’m glad you ‘believe’!
      and also you reminded me i forgot to link to where i got the idea from – it was from Mommy’s Kitchen which is a great blog you should check out too!

  1. Such an easy idea! Who doesn’t like double stuffed oreos? And to put them on a stick and cover them in chocolate? YUM!
    And, about the condemning guy…how’s that supposed to help anyone? Christian believers are supposed to spread the joy of Christ, not condemn people. Sheesh. He doesn’t even know what he’s doing. Scaring people is not the way to get them to believe. You should go back and tell him that only God knows if you’re going to Heaven or Hell and he should start being nice or he may end up downstairs instead of up…maybe that will get him to leave innocent daydreaming people alone.

      • Yeah, I wouldn’t have ever actually said that to him either…just walked away like “what the heck, dude?” I am so very non-confrontational most of the time.


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