Simple Cakes for a Simple Girl


This Past week has been full of work and fun.

On friday I made cookie pops and salted caramel cupcakes (unfortunately they were devoured before I could snap a photo)  I will try and get some stuff up soon though.

I have been visiting other blogs and you should check out this one and this one (where I got the idea for cookie pops) and this one (who literally makes me laugh out loud) and dont forget to stop by here (which has loads of awesome stuff)

I have also been working my butt off with deadlines approaching an unfortunately this is why I haven’t been posting much recently!

But here is a recipe that has been passed down to me from my grandma which is really simple and make excellent plain sponge [for the pdf recipe click HERE]

It can be used for victoria sponge, vanilla cupcakes, the base for any other flavour or as a simple tray bake.

When I first started baking I remember being so impressed how such simple ingredients could make such tasty things! Cupcake, melting moments (my grandmas recipe that was my fave!), brownies, cookies, cakes, flapjacks, etc.  But these it turned out were my gateway drug.

On turning 18 and moving away from home to go to university I realized that these things were so easy to make and people were easily impressed by some simple birthday cupcakes (at this point poorly decorated with slatherings of butter cream and a few badly piped letters).  Then my flat mates designated me the birthday bakes – whenever it was someone’s birthday (even people I had never met) it was my task to make enough cupcakes to read ‘happy birthday’ or ‘happy 21st birthday ——(insert name)’  easy enough I thought and it saved the horrid bought cupcakes from sainsburys that were an odd yellow colour and tasted like flour and milk L yuk!

Cupcakes and baking with my mum and grandma were my gateway drug to a full on baking addiction.

And so I started the blog – which has since been re-vamped, started from scratch and remodeled until we come to today.

For me blogging justifies my addiction.  I know I will never be Bakerella, but a girl can dream.

I remember those first few cupcakes of the freshers year fondly: colourful cases, neon icing, sprinkles galore, and eaten up in a day.

Fresh Out Of The Oven!

These are great as cuppies but also as a tray bake that is easy to decorate and great for parties.  The tray bake can also be forzen for up to a month and must be wrapped up very well for this.

♥ Just remember that baking should be fun and that above all it  should put a simple on your face and of those you love ♥

These are Brilliant for Tea Time!!!

What is your favourite simple recipe? sometimes simplicity is the best.

These go great with marshmallow frosting two as they are not too sweet!

Marshmallow Frosted Cuppies

Get Involved:

I want to know your fave recipes or if you have tried any of mine and how you thought they turned out!



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