Baking Tips #2 Recipes

#2 Following a recipe – the most important parts!

For those of you who are just learning / starting to bake I thought I would share some advice with you about some of the things I have learnt along the way, not that I’m a professional or anything just that these tips will help you get consistent results!

It may seem obvious but when following a recipe in baking you must follow it as closely as you can!

This is because when a recipe tells you to cream butter and sugar for 5 minutes there is a reason – not just to make the process a little longer, or to make your arm tired – these are the most important stages in a recipe.

Here is what my cookbook looks like!

Heavily annotated!

When I first started using Cook Books other than my Mum’s and Grandma’s I was baffled by the need to ‘whisk eggs for no more than 2 minutes’ or ‘cream butter and sugar until it looks like sand.’  These things confused me and I immediately turned to my mum for help!
“I don’t understand what the recipe is telling me – it doesn’t look like the kind of batter I am used to?”

Here is my grandma’s plain sponge recipe that I was used to making – simple cake but it worked every time!

And so I learnt to read the wordy bits of recipes because the answer my mum gave me – that I had been used to making cakes out of a very simple egg, flour, butter, sugar recipe and now these recipes use other ingredients that change the consistency of the mixture

especially given the simple recipe I was used to!

And how right she is (as usual!)

My favorite recipes are the Hummingbird Bakery recipes which nearly always sit on the wet side of the batter fence!  But this gooey runny mixture, whilst confusing me at first (I thought I had forgotten to add something like flour!) in fact makes for the most delish, moist, rich cakes that are light at the same time! AMAZING!

And so the tip I give to you is if it doesn’t feel like you’re doing it right [and you have followed the recipe exactly] just go with it – the worst that happens is you have wasted an egg or two!

I personally recommend reading a recipe all the way through (at least once) before starting to bake, this allows for you to be able to anticipate that there are some ‘unconventional’ steps or ‘unusual’ requests!

I like to make notes on recipes to remind me of how they turn out too and so I will remember what I would change next time, or how many it will actually make etc

And my family and friends like to be helpful too!

Above all just have fun!

It’s easy when you know how!

What have you found to be tricky? or difficult? are there any tips you would share with us? I would love to hear your views

♥ Happy Baking ♥



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