Oreo Cuppies {If you like it then you should have put a cookie on it }

Everywhere I go these days people are putting cookies in cupcakes and sandwiching things in cookies and making sandwiches out of cookies and  generally using cookies in awesome new ways that you never thought would work (or wanted to do but didn’t want to look like a food junkie) so I thought I would join the fad!

And that is the great thing about this blog – I can show you all the food junkie things I do and no-one is there to tell me not to, or ask me how many calories are in that!

I just show you and you (who are you by the way – is anyone reading?), you fabulous web-world people, read and hopefully enjoy and maybe, if I am super lucky, go on to make it share it with your friends and family and share the joy of cooking.  That’s all I want really!

So for this recipe that I have been bigging up in my mind I made my standard cupcake recipe from the Hummmingbird Bakery cookbook aka my bible and popped a cookie in the bottom (but only on half – just to be safe!)

I have to say most of my baking is done at night – being a night owl and also its better than watching tv (anyone else addicted to the vampire diaries? I have a secret thing for Damon

– don’t tell anyone but I so think Elena should be with him) and so here I am at 10pm writing up the recipe as the little cuppies grow and prosper in the oven.

So here you have it one recipe, two cupcakes (well 18 really), two icings (frostings if you will) and a very simple way to show someone you love them.  As I am trying to be super good and not eat tons and tons of junk food, at least half of these will probably be given away to my seminar group and friends.  I love giving cuppies away!

These cupcakes are the simplest and most effective ones I have ever made – dry ingredients wizzed up with butter to look like sand, then slowly add the liquid ingredients and BAM excellent cupcakes every time.  They are moist, and rich, light yet with a dense chocolate flavor.  Couple this with light creamy chocolate frosting or a thick cookie frosting and you are on for a winner!

These cupcakes are my fail-safe, go-to, ready in no time, absolute fave!

These are the cupcakes that prompted my lecturer to open up and tell our class why his nephew called him marshmallow man (and a weird seminar was had by all).

This time when shared again the lecturer told us why he thought he should go hunting (another strange Tuesday night!)

Have I bigged them up enough? Do you want the recipe now?

Preheat your oven to 190°c (375°F) and line a muffin tin (this mix makes 18 cupcakes for me every time)

Take 80g unsalted butter at room temperature in a large bowl, and sieve over 280g caster sugar (yes I sieve my sugar – I like it that way), 200g plain flour, 40g cocoa powder (the richer and darker the better), also add ½ tsp salt and 1 tbsp baking powder.  With a hand held mixer or stand alone mixer beat up until it looks like sand and there are no lumpy butter bits.  It should look like the butter did a vanishing act!

Then in a separate jug measure 240ml whole milk (or 220ml semi-skimmed milk and 20 ml cream for an added yum factor!) and the two eggs and beat it a little with a fork.

Add about ½ of the liquid to the dry ingredients, and keep adding a little at a time until all combined (do not over mix) the batter should be smooth and runny.

(If you are making the oreo version add one whole oreo at the bottom of each cupcake case at this stage)

Spoon the batter into your cupcake cases until about ¾ full

Bake for 18-20 mins

Take out of the oven and cool a bit before placing onto a cooling rack.

For the chocolate frosting:

Sieve 400g of icing sugar and 40g of cocoa powder into a large bowl, add 160g unsalted butter at room temp and soft.  Whisk together until sandy like the dry ingredients in the cupcake part.  Pour in 50ml of whole milk (or 25ml semi-skimmed milk and 25ml of cream for added gooey yum-ness) and mix on a low speed until the icing comes together.

(this is really thick frosting/icing – to thin it out make sure you mix it for a really long time and add, a drop at a time, up to 10ml more milk but beat it for ages – until your arm screams for you to stop!)

Add to the cool cupcakes in any way you like and finish with fun sprinkles or fondant things – just go nuts!

For the Oreo frosting:

Sieve 300g of icing sugar into a large bowl and add 100g of unsalted butter at room temp and soft.  Whisk together until the icing sugar has vanished and the butter looks like it is about to form a dough.  Then add 25ml of semi-skimmed milk a little at a time until the icing starts to soften and become silky smooth (continue adding up to another 25ml of milk until it is the consistency you prefer).  Then crush/wizz 4 oreos in a food processor (I like my manual one it gets the job done and is so much less washing up.)  When the oreos look like dark brown sand or are completely crushed into bread crumb consistency add them to the icing and mix up.

Then spread liberally over your cuppies (this is really too thick to be piped so for a pip-able consistency half the amount of oreos)

Top with a mini oreo or just leave as they are! Scrum!




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