Baking Tips For Excellent Results!

I thought that putting up some of my tips that I use everyday when baking might help anyone that is starting to bake or just wants some help!

I do not claim to be a professional baker, but I will try and share with you some of my tips to make sure your baking comes out perfect every time! – For these tips I thank my Mum and the countless baking books I have read – but mostly my Mum (she really is super and has excellent intuition – look out for a guest post soon!!!)

All of the links here can be purchased through me with a discount (and any Pampered Chef Products) please just comment or email me!

#1 Measuring

It’s been said a thousand times but baking is a science, and for that perfect alchemy to work its glorious magic in your oven, just as in chemistry, you need to get your measurements right.


I recommend using electronic scales (you can pick these up fairly cheaply) so that you can measure down to the very last gram.

Accurate measuring spoons like these from the Pampered Chef that enable your table spoon to be perfect (note – always use a level measure unless otherwise stated)

And if your recipe calls for the use of ‘cups’ to measure your ingredients be sure to be as level as possible and use an accurate measuring tool.

All of these things will make sure that your baked goods turn out the same time and time again, which is extremely important if you are selling them or decorating in any particular way.


Cupcakes: The other trick to measuring I use is the ice cream scoop, this is a widely used technique when baking cupcakes; take an ice cream scoop (like this one – also from the Pampered Chef) and make sure you fill each cupcake case the same – I usually use one and a half of these scoops to get the ‘2/3 full’ optimal measure for perfectly domed cakes!

Cookies: I use a small ice cream scoop to measure out my batter when making cookies (unless they are cut out), this ensures they are all the same size and therefore baking times are much easier, and I love it when things look uniform!

Tray Bakes: Generally the most important tip for the measuring of tray bakes is getting your tin right.  If a recipe calls for a 9” by 13” rectangular tin, try to use the closest measurement you have to this and remember to adjust your baking time accordingly as the thicker it is the longer it will take.

Cakes: The same applies for cakes as well as tray bakes, remember to smooth off the tops too so when it has finished baking you will get a lovely straight top to ice!


These tips allow for the proper baked result, a great finish, and a wonderfully easy way to make fantastic baked goods.

It’s easy when you know how!

♥ Happy Baking ♥



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