Ch-Ch-Check it out

Today I thought I would share with you some of the links to some of my favourite blogs – all of these provide me with inspiration and excellent recipes. They are also witty and funny and I think the women behind them must be lovely ladies whom I would love to go grab coffee with – if only most of them weren’t in the US!

Red Velvet and Tea - Elevenses

Any whooooo … these are brilliant blogs so go grab a cup of tea and a cake (its elevenses here) and visit and say hi to the lovely ladies:

Lindsey at Gingerbread Bagels – some excellent recipes which are colourful and scrummy!

Kirstan at Confessions of a Cookbook Queen – this blog is funny and down to earth

Ruth at The Pink Whisk – a contestant on the GBBO and a fabulous mummy baker!

Bakerella – the queen of cake pops and a lovely lovely lady!

Nom The Indulgent Baking Blog – the place to be if you love Butter and Sugar and no calorie counting!

Shelly at Cookies and Cups – this blog satisfies my cookie addiction just looking at the glorious recipes!
These are but a few blogs that sit on my bookmark bar and that I visit regularly – in fact looking objectively at it now I realise I have an addiction!  Perhaps this is why my ‘To Bake’ list is more like a cookbook in itself than a small list! (honestly its getting strangely long!)

Well I hope you enjoy your Wednesday – turns out I’m going shopping.   Of course I’ll do other cool stuff like saving world hunger and stopping global warming but you don’t want to hear about that boring ol’ stuff!

Maybe I’ll find something tempting in a small bakery in town? – follow me on twitter [@cakephilosopher] to catch the latest updates! Or subscribe by email so you don’t miss a thing! ♥



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