Valentines Day – friend or foe?

Three spray painted fondant hearts

Every year around the beginning of February my friends start discussing Valentines plans with their boyfriends and how magical it will be, however, there is always one or several disappointed faces!

I used to be one of the haters of Valentines day – you could hear me ranting about the commercialization of it all, and the constant disappointment that it brought to all – but in the last few years I have come to realise a few things:

  • Valentines day is what you make of it – hype it up and you could get let down
  • It isn’t all about the ‘love of your life’ getting you stuff and treating you like a princess
  • It is about sharing the love you have for friends, family, loved ones in all categories and not just about couples
  • If you want that romantic trip to Paris – why not plan it together?- it will be everything you want that way
  • If you are going to complain about the lack of a dozen red roses, or teddy bear stuffed with cuddles then you probably just aren’t getting it! [there are people starving remember]
  • you can make cakes for every occasion and valentines day demands chocolate – my favorite –  win win!

So this February 14th why not do something different?  Why not send your best friend that dozen roses and tell her how much you appreciate her, or send cards to your friends and family letting them know how special they are to you?  After all isn’t that just want everyone wants?  To hear that someone loves them and that to that one person you are their whole world? [personally ‘whole world’ is a bit much for me! – pressure!]

Fondant and sprinkles!

So this post is dedicated to all of my amazing friends, family and yes also to my boyfriend.

I love you all and you are very special to me.  You help me with the daily struggles and help me to get through the tough times, and you are there to party with me in the happy times!

Dancing fondant butterflies

Specific mention goes out to my mum – wonderful and supportive, inspirational and amazing, you deserve 1,000,000 red roses and 100 stuffed teddy bears filled with cuddles!

The cupcakes here are dedicated to my friends and family and I hope you enjoy too!

chocolate hearts on chocolate cupcakes

Finally these cupcakes are just chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream – super easy!

They produce brilliant results every time, the recipe will be here soon so watch this space!



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